A Prim and Proper Trump Protest in Washington / Get Whatcom Planning, Jean Melious

melious trump

Sunday, May 8, 2016  Jean Melious

The Northwest Washington Fair, in Lynden, Washington, is clean and wholesome.  If you’ve taken small children to the Fair, you have appreciated the sanitary bathrooms and the separate carnival ride area for the little ones.  At night, middle schoolers from Whatcom County and beyond converge on the “adult” carnival area, roaming in packs in a miasma of hope and hormones.  The fairground glitters, but in a safe way.

Nobody would ever call Lynden edgy. It’s pleasant.  And that pleasant somnolence appears to have rubbed off on Donald Trump’s visit to Lynden’s fairground yesterday.

Despite calls from some in the progressive community to stay home in order to avoid unseemly confrontation, hundreds of protesters came to Lynden on short notice. […]

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