Cherry Point, The Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, and Existing Jobs / carl votes, Whatcom County Council Member Carl Weimer

carl votes

July 19, 2016  Carl Weimer

As you probably know for the last six months the County Council has spent the majority of our time reviewing and amending the County’s Comprehensive Plan. Before that the Planning Commission spent a few months doing the same. During all that time the one part of the Comprehensive Plan that has by far received the most public comments has been the section on Cherry Point that helps provide goals and policies for the industrial develop there. While the Council spent inordinate hours going line by line tweaking the language in all the other sections of the Plan, because of the pending bulk commodity pier permit at Cherry Point we were advised by our legal counsel to not get into issues around Cherry Point that could in any way impact our ability to make an unbiased decision toward that application. […]

Read Carl’s complete post on carl votes here.


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