The Irony Report from Small Town America-Episode 3 / Now it’s a waiting game, Toni Lyons

ferndale clocktower sideways

The current state of the Clock Tower Project

August 2, 2016  Toni Lyons

We return to the ongoing story of the Ferndale Clock Tower.

In early July, I accompanied Art and Margaret, the owners and builders of this nearly-completed landmark, to a courtroom on the second floor of the Whatcom County Court House. The City of Ferndale vs. The Rojszas, Superior Court–Take Three.

From time to time over the past few years, I’ve overheard people from Ferndale say (with many variations), “What’s with the people who own that tower house thing on Main Street? Do they think they can trash their place and create an eyesore for the rest of us? Why isn’t the City doing something about it? It’s a travesty!”

Well, the travesty is that the City is actually the cause. The city staff, the Mayor, the City’s Attorney and possibly the City Council have colluded to block the Rojszas at every turn. […]

Read Toni’s complete post on Now it’s a waiting game here.

You can contact City of Ferndale officials to voice your support of the Rojszas and their Clock Tower project by way of the contact information at these links.  USPS letters may have more impact, while even simple messages like “Let the Rojszas complete the Clock Tower in peace!”  will be helpful:

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