Transcript of Ron Colson’s comment at the 9/27/16 Public Hearing on the Interim Moratorium on unrefined Fossil Fuel facility expansion at Cherry Point / Facebook post, Coal Stop

September 29, 2016  Coal Stop
Our esteemed Whatcom County resident, Ron Colson was kind enough to share a transcript of his excellent comment that he offered at the Public Hearing on the Interim Moratorium on unrefined Fossil Fuel expansion at Cherry Point approved by the county council on Tuesday. You can also listen to his powerful delivery of that comment at minute 59:45 of the council meeting video at this link:
My favorite part:
“We recognize that Whatcom County residents can’t change the world all by ourselves.
• But we can dig in our heels to prevent the export of fossil fuels through our county.
• We can resist allowing the oil companies to ship our refinery jobs overseas right along with our American crude oil.
• We can protect our beautiful and fragile local environment so that our fishing, farming and tourism industries can thrive and prosper.
• We can honor our contractual obligations to the First Nations who lived here long before us, are still our gracious hosts today, and who continue to show an unswerving commitment to protect Mother Earth.”
Here’s a link to a pdf copy of Ron’s comment:

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