Undocumented Leaders React to Governor Inslee’s Executive Order / Press Release, Grassroots undocumented led communities


February 23, 2017  Press Release

Maru Mora Villalpando
Undocumented Leaders React to Governor Inslee’s Executive Order
Accountability is still required to fulfill the promise of a hate-free state.

Tacoma, WA- We the grassroots undocumented led communities that worked with Senator Lisa Wellman in building a new process for introducing public policy in Olympia, want to thank Sen Wellman for listening to our voices and drafting language with us that would have provided a sense of dignity and protection from federal immigration enforcement by ending their collaboration with local law enforcement departments.

Senate Bill 5689 was the final result of respectful and intelligent dialogue based on existing avenues for passage of legislation with a champion like Senator Wellman.

We would also thank our legal partners, ally organizations and most of all grassroots leaders from impacted communities that trusted us and the Senator to combat the current fascist attempts to remove long established community members from WA State.

The legislative process in Olympia was quick and decisive in killing our efforts for dignity and self-determination. The Chair of the Commerce Committee Senator Michael Baumgartner made the decision to not bring our bill to a vote claiming our bill was brought late to his attention; but that was not the case for SB 5792 “Basketball Franchise T.O.” which was dropped 6 days before the hearing in which our bill was also heard, and did not even have content at the time, in comparison to 10 days for ours.

Governor Inslee has take the best next step and enacted an executive order that calls for a commitment to tolerance, diversity and inclusiveness. Unfortunately, the order does not include an accountability process, we don’t see how accountability will be determined through the legal process if state agencies and local law enforcement must still capitulate to federal mandates from Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memos released over the weekend show what our communities will soon be facing as DHS has declared a domestic war against us. The only thing left for us is to continue organizing to build a true resistance to this fascist regime, and we call on our communities and allies to work with us, we must seek other ways of protecting families, respond publicly to the hunting down of our communities by federal agents, possibly joined by local law enforcement and build safe harbor wherever we may be.

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