The Bellingham Residential Survey Makes My Head Hurt / NorthwestCitizen, Dick Conoboy

Apr 04, 2017  Dick Conoboy

This “Residential Survey” of Bellingham residents is a quasi-yearly affair with this stated purpose: “… the Survey is to seek feedback from residents [bolding mine] about their experience as citizens of the city of Bellingham.A combination of 50 multiple choice questions, 3 rank order questions, and 6 open-ended questions aim to gather information from respondents about their demographic details, quality of life, satisfaction with City services, opinions on budget priorities, views on challenges facing the community, and ideas for the future.” Tim Johnson at Cascadia Weekly did a good job reporting on the actual survey results, such as they are, which you can read in his Gristle column of 29 March. However, the underlying results are based on a flawed mechanism that mainly surveys homeowners. […]

Read Dick’s complete article on NorthwestCitizen here.

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