Whatcom County Council turns down citizen input by ballot on eminent domain by pipeline companies / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest


tribune eminent domain

The proposition to create an advisory ballot measure to be voted on in November to seek citizen input on eminent domain being used by oil pipeline companies did not pass at the Tuesday, July 25, County Council Meeting. Council Members Browne, Weimer, and Brenner abstained and Council Member Mann was absent, so the motion failed. Thank you to all who spoke to and wrote in to the County Council about this topic.

To me part of the value of the measure was to get people informed. So here’s what folks need to know and talk about anyway with oil pipeline projects looming. Get the word out to county friends that could be impacted by dangerous and toxic products running through their properties. 

From the Lynden Tribune article by Ashley Hiruko:
“Washington State law RCW 81.88.020 currently gives private pipeline corporations the right to use eminent domain on private landowners for purposes of constructing, maintaining and operating pipelines carrying oil, gas and other petroleum products.”


“County documents state that Williams Pipeline Company of Oklahoma has announced an intent to construct the pipeline as early as 2019, but may not own easements for the entire right-of-way. The company has also applied for permits from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to begin geological testing near Cherry Point for the proposed Island Gas Connector project, documents state.”

Read this post in the Noisy Waters Northwest Facebook Group here.

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