Save Family Farming launches Farmworker Justice Now, faces criticism from advocacy groups / The Western Front, Sarah Porter

Photo Credit: The Western Front

February 21, 2018  Sarah Porter

Regional farms have started a campaign in response to farmworker advocacy groups that critics say is deceptive.

Farmworker Justice Now, a campaign launched by the group Save Family Farming, is in response to the organizing done by local advocacy group Community to Community Development and farmworkers union Familias Unidas por la Justicia around farmworker rights.

Save Family Farming communication director and campaign coordinator, Dillon Honcoop, and  farm labor advisor, Juan Baldovinos, sent a letter to Western President Sabah Randhawa on Feb. 15. In the letter, they warned that students supporting union organizing activities is “very harmful to farmers,” and they claimed that state-owned buses were used to transport student activists to union protests, which they said is “likely not legal.” […]

Read Sarah’s complete article on The Western Front here.


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