Fire Doug #3 / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest


Ericksen WBA article

Click the graphic to access the October 5, 2015 post “Senator Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) tells us how he really feels about tribal treaty rights”

August 28, 2018  Dena Jensen

Day 3 of posts on the way to getting Doug’s anti-tribal-treaty attitudes out of office when we vote in November. 

This quote from Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen appeared in the Fall 2015 edition of Whatcom Business Alliance’s Business Pulse Magazine:

“’It’s complicated because we have to deal with treaty rights. One of the treaty tribe government’s position is that all the water belongs to them. Until the federal government gives it all to them they will not agree to any compromises on water rights here in Whatcom County. That’s not a healthy situation for moving forward. It’s unfortunate.'”

Here’s one thing Sandy had to say about this in her blog-post below from October 2015:  

“Besides being offensive, Senator Ericksen is misleading the public when he wrote what he did about the ‘treaty tribe government’s position’ on treaty rights relating to water. What he wrote on that subject in his Business Pulse opinion piece above, seems to coincide timing-wise with the recent efforts of GPT/SSA Marine advocates to smear the Lummi Nation’s assertion of its treaty rights in its request to the Army Corps to deny the GPT permit.”

Read this post in the Noisy Waters Northwest Facebook group here. 


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