What do you know about Whatcom County’s Food System Committee? / Facebook post, Noisy Waters Northwest

May 1, 2019 Dena Jensen

Since this video, focused on food sovereignty, reminded me, I am checking in to see if folks are familiar with Whatcom County’s Food System Committee that began meeting in February of this year. There are detailed (and, so far, up-to-date! Yay!) minutes for the meetings available at this link on the County website: http://whatcomcounty.us/2992/Food-System-Committee

The locations (which vary) for each meeting are listed on the agenda for each meeting, and are posted on the same webpage above. The agenda for the meeting on May 15, has not yet been posted. Here is the list of the current members of the Food System Committee: 

Margaret Gerard – Local Sales Farming 
Andy Enfield – Export Sales Farming
Riley Starks – Fishing industry
Adrienne Renz – Food Processing/distribution
Riley Sweeney – Food Access
Amber Noskoff – Nutrition/public health
Maureen Darras – Labor Issues
Krista Rome – Natural Resources
Mardi Solomon – Whatcom Food Network representative

Read this post in the Noisy Water Northwest Facebook group here.

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