Post Point Herons under threat again / Cascadia Weekly, LTE

Click the graphic to access the GoFundMe page to support Post Point Herons

May 29, 2019. Letter to the Editor Michael Botwin

There is an extended letter to the editor in this week’s Cascadia Weekly about where things are at with the City of Bellingham granting a Critical Areas permit for building two houses in the important Post Point nesting and foraging area for the Great Blue Heron.

You can read Michel Botwin’s full letter to get up to speed on the situation at this link (it’s the last LTE in this week’s selection):

 Here is the get-quickly-to-action part:

“The city has hired Ann Eissinger to update her original heron study. Her report is due later this year. Rather than wait for her report, the city is pushing ahead with the permit process. It is relying on the developer’s science expert rather than its own. It is also opposing Sierra Club’s and Audubon’s motion to intervene in the appeal.

“One would think the city would welcome their intervention and expertise if it were interested in the heron’s welfare and would favor a short delay of the appeal so it could benefit from its own expert’s report.

“You can help in this fight by doing the following:

“1. Donate to the GoFundMe campaign to help compensate the attorney opposing the city and the developer at

“2. Share this letter with your social media networks.

“3. Contact your City council members and let them know you want the city to permanently protect the herons by using Greenway funds to purchase the

land the herons call home.

“4. Get mayoral candidates to commit to using Greenways funds to purchase the heron habitat.

With your help, we may be able to save the great blue heron for our city.”

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