Some Facebook comments County Council Member Rud Browne hid on his post endorsing Sheriff Elfo / Noisy Waters Northwest

Screen shot of photo of Whatcom County Council Member Rud Browne’s profile picture from his personal Facebook page

August 21, 2019 Dena Jensen

On August 20, 2019, Whatcom County Council Member Rud Browne made a Facebook post announcing that County Council Members “unanimously” endorse Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo. That’s his right, but sad that he had to depict it with the initial appearance that Council Members somehow voted to do so. He indicates in a footnote, however, that they did not.

Since the time of his post, many people, including myself have made comments on that post. It appears that Council Member Browne has now hidden my comments, along with those of others, meaning that only I and Facebook friends of mine would be able to see them. This is fine, if disappointing and somewhat concerning (due to the content of many of the comments being informative and offering substantiation,) it’s Council Member Browne’s personal Facebook page and he has that discretion.

But since his Facebook post is a public post, as of the time of my screenshots, I am posting these graphics of the comment thread (the screenshots are redacted so as not to display personal information of Council Member Browne’s), so that people can be informed as to how some people were responding to Council Member Browne’s post and the information and opinions they were sharing. If some comments are found to be missing in my screen shots, it could mean that I am not FB friends of the person/s whose comment/s is/are missing and may have been hidden by Council Member Browne.

Here is the link to Council Member Browne’s post on his FB page:

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