What it takes to be a sheriff / Facebook post, Joy Gilfilen

Photo from Joy Gilfilen’s Joy for Sheriff Facebook Page

August 25, 2019 Joy Gilfilen

You know what everybody? The incumbent Sheriff is out in public making up stories about what it takes to be a Sheriff. 

The fact is and according to law – it takes getting elected. 

The buffoonery story about fighting 24 year old combatants is like saying that I want to be called the romanticized “Sheriff of Boon County”. I have no desire to be that kind of Sheriff. I will be a sheriff who works differently in the 21st Century. 

The other people challenging me to a proverbial fist fight are getting distracted by hyper-drama, the incumbent Sheriff’s personal stock in trade. 

The true Sheriff’s job is administration of the department that oversees all the officers and tens of millions of dollars in budgets. It is management, policy making and leadership to make peace while keeping the people of Whatcom County safe in our communities. 

I will not be prowling the streets chasing 24 year olds unless I have to. I will have a whole team of well-trained, professional deputies doing that work. The story is a smokescreen. 

Here is a fact. After elected, I have a year to get basic law enforcement training and to get in shape to pass a physical. What’s it take – a couple months of working out to get in shape? 

Face Facts Friends: I grew up with cowboys on a mountain. I bucked hay with the best of them, raced ponies, rode a stallion, hand milked and showed championship beef and dairy cattle. I worked with police officers at WWU as the first female student officer on patrol, and was part of the ROTC program at WSU where I did marksmanship. 

I raised a championship bull, raced autocross, ran miles, raised two varsity athlete sons, coached teams in sports and thousands in business. 

I’ve wrangled million dollar companies to get into integrity so they could double revenue. 

I have taken on the jail industrial complex to say NO to expansion both in 2015 and 2017 by educating the voters. I have stood up to him in debates when I ran for County Executive and called him out in public for misleading the taxpayers.

Maybe the Sheriff doesn’t like my style. I understand that. I am different.

What else do you want to know? 

Beyond that, I have worked personally with all kinds of “criminals” – many of them are your family, friends or neighbors. Some felons, some not. Some men, some women. 
Some did bad things that hurt people. Some didn’t.

I helped them get their feet back under them after they caused an accident, had a bad drug reaction, got mad at their Dad over garage space, yelled at their Mom, reacted with anger when their friend was murdered, talked back to a law enforcement officer, resisted going to jail when they needed help because they were suicidal and could not get it.

I have helped them heal their hearts a little bit, and their families and lives put back together. It takes grit to do this.

These are real people who needed help after a mistake they made. This mistake cost them tens of thousands of dollars paid out not only to the government, but to privateering corporations who held them hostage for jail services and commissary support.

For just one of the “hard core” folks, we added it up, and it probably cost us taxpayers a half a million dollars in taxes to house them in jails and prisons. He was destined to go back in, except that we intervened at the Coalition. 

It cost us only $1500 and five months of hard work to do a type of reconciliation so he stabilized. We used restorative justice tools, and got him and his family the kind of emotional and physical trauma treatment they needed so they could become functional. Today, he is a taxpayer who contributes to the community rather than fights cops. 

Besides that I have also stood beside and supported officers who do the tough work of walking into the line of fire when things do go sideways, and I will protect them as their Sheriff. 

It is not easy to stop violence and to reclaim lives. It is far easier to prevent broken families. And that is my stock in trade. Stopping violence at prevention.

If you think I can’t pass a physical in the next year – place a bet on it in your mind and see which side of your brain wins the bet.

Link to Sheriff Elfo’s Facebook post that contain his claims about qualifications for Sheriff: https://www.facebook.com/sheriffelfo/photos/a.2395630033792033/2529895170365518/

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