Port of Bellingham Commissioner candidate Bobby Briscoe receives censure from Whatcom Democrats E-Board / Noisy Waters Northwest

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Click the graphic of a photo of a smiling man with short gray hair, mustache and goatee in a dress shirt and sport coat, with text beneath the photo to access the Whatcom Democrats post, “E-Board censures Bobby Briscoe for comments made on the record at a Port meeting,” on their website

October 20, 2019  Dena Jensen

Port of Bellingham Commissioner Bobby Briscoe just received a censure from the Whatcom Democrats E-Board today based on a request from the Young Democrats of Whatcom County that they remove Bobby Briscoe’s certification as a Democrat. You can read complete information regarding the censure at this link: https://www.whatcomdemocrats.org/2019/10/20/e-board-censures-bobby-briscoe-for-comments-made-on-the-record-at-port-meeting/

We currently have three Port Commissioners right now. Maybe that will change someday. But the three commissioner arrangement makes for potential 2-1 victories on measures that can have a big impact on our community.

Conservative Port Commissioner, Ken Bell currently serves on the Port Commission with Commissioner Briscoe. On March 19 of this year Port Commissioner Briscoe sided with Commissioner Bell in making public complaints at their Port Commission meeting against Whatcom County Council Members regarding the Cherry Point Amendments. The Commissioners’ complaints mimicked claims of Jim McKinney who volunteers for Common Threads Northwest and Tony Larson, President of the Whatcom Business Alliance, who are both fierce champions for fossil fuel expansion projects at Cherry Point and were facilitating the meeting the Commissioners attended that same day. Commissioners Briscoe and Bell never talked to County Council Members before publicly chastising them.

Even more concerning, however, Commissioner Briscoe berated youth involved in the March 15, 2019 Climate Strike in Bellingham, again jumping on Commissioner Bell’s bandwagon at the same Port Commission meeting to rebuke young people engaged in that event for what, in reality, was a small section singled out from their list of demands for climate action.




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