Sunrise Bellingham Climate Action Group Calls for Rep. Larsen and Washington Senators to Commit to Creating Good Jobs for All / Press Release, Sunrise Bellingham

April 5, 2021 Press Release, Sunrise Bellingham

Event Date: April 7th, 2021.

➡️‼️RESCHEDULED DUE TO WEATHER ‼️⬅️Good Jobs for All Rally @ Taylor DockThis Thursday, April 8th, 4 – 6pm. Here is the link to sign up for the action:

Bellingham, WA — The Sunrise Movement, which includes the Sunrise Bellingham Hub, is demanding a Green New Deal that guarantees a good job fighting climate change and making a safer, healthier society to anyone who wants one. We are calling on Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell, and Representative Larsen to take the Good Jobs for All Pledge. The pledge is a commitment to invest $10 trillion to create at least 15 million good jobs over the next decade, with 50% of funds going to communities on the frontlines of our economic, environmental, and public health crises. When we say “good jobs” we mean jobs with safe workplaces, family-sustaining wages and benefits, and protection of workers’ rights to organize.

We also want Larsen, Murray, and Cantwell to embrace the strongest climate and jobs policies possible, starting with supporting and strengthening the American Jobs Plan released by Biden last week. In this action, we will be creating action art as well as having speeches and storytelling opportunities for people to share what a guaranteed good job would mean to them and their family, as well as their vision for the future. We want to raise awareness in our community about the kind of jobs we need here in Bellingham to combat climate change, eliminate houselessness, and make our communities and future safer, healthier and more just. We will also be asking people to help us hold Rep. Larsen and Senator Cantwell and Senator Murray accountable and to commit to the Good Jobs for All Pledge and truly stand up for their constituents and communities.

WHAT: Rally with chalk art, banners, songs, and speeches, a march with chants, and storytelling

WHEN: Wednesday, April, 7th, 4-6pm Pacific Daylight Time

➡️‼️RESCHEDULED DUE TO WEATHER ‼️⬅️Good Jobs for All Rally @ Taylor DockThis Thursday, April 8th, 4 – 6pm.

WHERE: Taylor Dock and Boulevard Park, Bellingham WA

WHO: Sunrise Bellingham Hub, Karen Russell (coordinator), Ben Beckel (art lead), Anja Roozen (volunteer)

WHY: Currently, there are 18 million people out of work and millions more trying to get by working part-time, underpaid jobs. Some studies show it will take a workforce of 25 million to transition our energy grid and avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. That 25 million doesn’t include other critical work the government could employ people to do, like care work, education, healthcare and rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. In Washington and Bellingham there is a housing crisis, with thousands of people without a roof over their heads and struggling to survive. We need good jobs creating affordable housing and more emergency housing and shelters for people. A jobs guarantee would give millions good paying jobs that they need, and dramatically strengthen our society. With Biden just having released his 2 trillion American Jobs Plan, we want to call on our representatives and senators to not only support his plan, but to push it farther, to the point that it truly meets and combats the extreme crises of this moment.


Image of young person with a black mask in front of a chain link fence above freeway holding a yellow-lettered sign with a dark background saying “Green Jobs for All” (photo credit: Monika Baumgart)