Some currently hidden background on Bellingham School District Director candidate Philip Stockton / Facebook post, Sj Robson

October 22, 2021 Sandy Robson

Some Whatcom County voters may not be familiar with Bellingham School District director (position 4) candidate, Philip Stockton. He is running against incumbent Bellingham School District director candidate, Jenn Mason, who is running for re-election this year. 

I think it’s important for voters to know some of Stockton’s political background and leaning, especially since he has hidden that from public view during this election. 

Apparently, Stockton adjusted his Facebook page earlier this year such that his Republican, pro-Trump posts were no longer displayed, so some people may be unaware of his association with the 2020 Trump campaign in Washington state. 

Last year, Stockton was the regional field director for the Washington State Republican Party, and according to his LinkedIn page that I was able to access in December 2020, he served as the point of contact for the Trump 2020 campaign. Stockton had posted a comment on his Facebook page in 2020 saying he was also the Trump victory director. Additionally, he hosted at least one MAGA Meet up here in Whatcom in 2020. It appears that currently, Stockton’s LinkedIn page is not active/accessible.

I’ve attached screenshots showing some of Stockton’s Republican and pro-Trump viewpoint. Those screenshots were taken in 2020 from his Facebook page and his page on a social media platform called WeSpeak, launched in 2019, which was created for Christian conservatives and founded by Ray Gilbride, a Pro-Trumper and resident of Bellingham. In December 2020, Stockton’s LinkedIn page listed that he started working for WeSpeak as Director of Growth in November 2020.

Fun fact: One of the attached screenshots shows Stockton’s July 24, 2020 post with his updated profile picture. That profile picture featured Stockton posing with Peter Schweizer, an author and political consultant. Schweizer is president of the Government Accountability Institute (largely focused on the Democratic Party), and is listed as a senior contributor on the far-right media organization, Breitbart News’ masthead. Schweizer co-founded the Government Accountability Institute with none other than — Steve Bannon. 

Seems like Schweizer is right up Philip Stockton’s alley.

You can read this post of Sandy’s on her Facebook page here.