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December 10, 2021 Press Release, Restorative Community Coalition

For Immediate Release           PRESS RELEASE

BELLINGHAM, Dec 10, 2021 – The Restorative Community Coalition (RCC),, 360-354-3653

Just Announced:  The iChange Justice weekly podcast! 

Transforming how it delivers civic education, the Restorative CommUnity Coalition has just launched a weekly iChange Justice podcast series for community education.  “It’s about talking shop about the industry of mass incarceration and how it works in Whatcom County as experienced by members of our Coalition who have lived experience or work in the field.  This is the start of our new civic literacy outreach program for 2022,” says Joy Gilfilen, President. 

Our first episodes, “What is Justice” and “Why Does it Matter” were live streamed on beginning Dec. 2, and will air weekly every Thursday at high noon.  You can also listen to them on Spotify, iTunes and Apple podcasts, on Google Play, Overcast, Breaker and Castbox. 

This iChange Justice podcast series engages discussion among four vastly different women from diverse perspectives speaking about the business of how our complex systems work from different angles.  Their views are from having lived or worked inside the justice system, or helping families living with mental health or homeless challenges, or reorienting clients to life after release from jail or prison, to family reconciliation.

The first episode, “What is Justice?” brings out the collective knowledge gained as citizens recover from the shock of a civic crisis incident. Often starting with an emergency 9-1-1 call for help, the trauma escalates, becoming more complex when engaging police officials.  The economic, social and civic entanglement of investigations, the impacts of arrest, court appearances, jail and legal conflicts, maybe prison or community custody programs often leave families with unresolved injustices.  The Coalition works to mitigate the impacts, and will share their insights with the audience.  

Episode 2 asks the speakers, “Why does it matter?”  Joy continues, “people want to know why on earth advocates are willing to expose the  ‘justice system’ inconsistencies?”  They ask, “Aren’t you afraid to put your reputations at risk by talking about things that are typically dismissed in polite society, things that are sensitive and challenging to talk about?  Why are you willing to step around the veil of silence?”  Our answer, “Unsilencing is critical if law and justice system reform is to happen.”    

Join us and listen in to coming shows, as this captivating series airs weekly at noon on covering Whatcom County, and then is broadcast on your favorite podcast channels.  

The Restorative CommUnity Coalition (formerly ReEntry Coalition of Whatcom County) is a registered charity in the State of Washington and a 501(c) 3, nonprofit organization as defined by the IRS. I.D.  #75-3253677.

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