County prosecutor plays cruel games / Northwest Citizen, John Servais

County prosecuter lubaThu, Jun 25, 2015, 6:00 pm   John Servais

First posted at 7:51 am.  See 6 pm update half way down.

In 2011, Luba Pekisheva was convicted in Whatcom County District Court by judge Elich of assault and theft.  In truth, she probably committed neither. But Pekisheva had defied a good ol’ boy from the county and our Whatcom County justice system – judges, prosecutors and public defenders – seems to have shown extra zeal in convicting Pekisheva and making it stick. 

I’ve been trying to follow this crazy case for several years now, and it appears the county justice system has wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars just to harass and prove to one young woman that she is helpless in the face of local prosecutors.  Such zeal should be for real crimes – not someone standing their ground on their own residential property. […]

Read more on Northwest Citizen, here.

Court case information from Washington Courts :

1 Pekisheva, Lyubov (luba)
Supreme Court 892881 09-17-2013
2 Pekisheva, Lyubov V
Whatcom County Dist AH09-0299 11-23-2009
3 Pekisheva, Lyubov V
Whatcom County Dist AC0028743 06-18-2007
4 Pekisheva, Lyubov V
Whatcom County Dist AC0031231 04-30-2008
5 Pekisheva, Lyubov V
Whatcom Co Superior 10-1-00939-9 07-27-2010
6 Pekisheva, Lyubov V
Whatcom County Dist PA0011761 12-08-2009

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