JAIL BREAK / Cascadia Weekly, The Gristle

cascadia weekly jail breakMonday marked Bellingham City Council’s first official opportunity to respond to the divided decision of their counterparts on Whatcom County Council to place a .2 percent sales tax levy on the November ballot to help finance the construction of a jail and Sheriff’s complex in Ferndale. On June 23, a slim County Council majority agreed with the County Executive’s proposal for the construction and operation of the new jail facility, a proposal essentially unchanged from the moment it was introduced in April, despite weeks of negotiation with the City of Bellingham—the county’s population and commercial center—which found the financial portion of the jail facilities use agreement (JFUA) deficient in several key aspects and rejected it, 6-1. The JFUA is a partnership agreement that describes how the county and its cities will contribute financially to the project and what services each entity will receive for its contribution. County Council’s 4-3 action therefore foreclosed on any future negotiation with COB to improve the agreement. […]

Read more of “Jail Break” in Cascadia Weekly here.

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