THE DRIVE FOR FIVE / Cascadia Weekly, Tim Johnson, The Gristle

drive for fiveJuly 14, 2015  Tim Johnson, The Gristle

Like a stick of dynamite left behind at a construction site, the periodic review of the Whatcom County Charter has probably outlived its original purpose of ensuring the county aligns with the state constitution and statutes and should not be left lying around without controls that limit destructive blowups. For what could better fit the description of destructive blowup than the attempt to seal off the majority of county voters from the majority of their elected officials who represent them? That’s surely the recipe for the sorts of nonrepresentative, nonresponsive remote governance conservatives profess to hate.

Whatcom County Council dumped a bucket of sand on that fizzling stick of dynamite last week while the conservative caucus of the Charter Review Committee wailed that their little sparkler they’d waved around had been ruined. […]

Read more of Tim’s article in Cascadia Weekly here.

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