Predictive Policing Comes to Bellingham / NorthwestCitizen, Edward Alexander

Sun, Aug 16, 2015, 3:39 pm  Edward Alexander

In 2014, Motorola, partnering with LexisNexis, obtained funding for a federal grant allowing communities to use their law enforcement software, Intrado Beware.

The gist of this software is that each community member would be assigned a threat score, based on the information available from data brokers and public sources, including whom we associate with, and things we have said.  Data brokers obtain information from a variety of means: when internet users click “I agree” to an app’s terms of use, when they use Facebook, and from undisclosed internet sources (likely including the tracking cookies they frequently, and unwittingly download when they use the internet).

Typically, the city would be required to go through a deliberation process asking, “What is it that we want to accomplish?”  Then, a Request for Proposal is published, stating the objectives they hope the software can help the city achieve. […]

Read Edward’s full article on NorthwestCitizen here.

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