Propositioning, suing, and referendum-ing a path toward a coal terminal / Facebook post, Sj Robson

sml referendum show

17 hrs  August 16, 2015  Sandy Robson

On the August 8 Saturday Morning Live KGMI radio show, hosted by Tea Party Treasurer Kris Halterman, she announced a “Liberty Alert,” in which she spoke briefly about a new effort she is involved in for a referendum to be placed on the 2016 general election ballot.

The referendum would invalidate the Five Fair and Equal Districts proposal that is slated to be placed the November 2015 general election ballot.
Halterman said she is helping a group, in gathering signatures.

Signatures for a referendum aimed at invalidating a proposition that has not even yet been voted on.

The group Halterman mentioned she is working with in this effort, I imagine, will either be her group, the Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy (SAVE), or the group Common Threads Northwest.

Dick Donahue is listed as a director on both of those two groups.
Donahue’s Common Threads group
recently filed a lawsuit against Whatcom County, targeting the Five Fair and Equal Districts proposal that was approved by the County Council, and will be placed, by ordinance, on the 2015 election ballot.

So, apparently this referendum effort is a back up plan to the lawsuit Common Threads filed, in case it should flop (which is likely), and a back up plan in case Whatcom voters would approve the Five Fair and Equal Districts proposition on the November ballot.

The plan seems to be to seal off every possible exit leading to a fair democracy.

These political maneuvers started when the conservative Charter Review commissioners, who, because they had the commission majority, managed to place three particular Charter proposals (propositions 1, 2, and 3) on the November 2015 ballot which, if approved by voters, would disenfranchise thousands of Bellingham voters and then would pretty much lock-in (propositions 2 and 3) that district-only voting (proposition 1) system for at least the next decade.

All of this is aimed at changing the make up of the County Council toward a conservative and likely pro-GPT majority. Eight of the Charter Review Commissioners received the benefit of independent expenditure advertising toward their 2014 Charter Review Commission campaigns from the pro-coal terminal SAVEWhatcom/Whatcom First PACs, after those PACs had received $10,000 from GPT applicant, SSA/PIT.

I really want to know where SAVE and Common Threads are getting their money to be doing the things they are doing.

Link to the Aug. 8, SML radio show is below. The reference to the referendum effort is in the first several minutes of the show.

Read Sandy’s post on her Facebook page here.

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