EVENT: Roundtable on Global/Local Strategies at RE Sources Thursday, 9/3/15 / CAMP email info, Jon Shaughnessey

global protestsAugust 24, 2015  Jon Shaughnessey / CAMP (Climate Action Media Project)

Roundtable on Global/Local Strategies at RE Sources, Thursday, 9/3/15

  • Attached file includes the flier for the special roundtable sponsored by CAMP and open to all climate warriors and all groups in Blockadia [from Portland to Vancouver, BC, directly or indirectly confronting the challenges climate chaos poses to our continued existence.
  • The agenda for the roundtable is pretty sketchy right now, open to your input, suggestions, and questions. If you think of something at the last minute be sure to say so at the beginning of the meeting. Even if you cannot attend, feel free to call or e-mail your feedback so others can address your concerns.
  • The roundtable should include groups whose main missions include peace, justice, democratizing local, state, and/or federal government[s], economic collapse, environmental degradation, etc.
  • The main focus of the meeting will be time and location. All of you reading this have already been engaged in the struggles listed above for many years and will still be engaged in those struggles for the rest of your lives. And you can already see the connections with climate chaos.
  • The question is: how might the 2015 world summit help our audiences focus their energy on addressing climate chaos in more effective ways? The physical reality of accelerating climate chaos for the rest of this year will drive increasing numbers of people around the world to confront the multi-national corporations and their national government “leaders” in news ways that will surpass last year’s summit, just as the wildfires in our region are worse than the previous worst fire season: 2014
  • So please spread the word, using the attached flier/poster wherever you can. If you weren’t already planning to go TONIGHT, August 24th, 6:30 pm, RE Sources Sustainable Living Center, 2309 Meridian Street, RE Sources, Community to Community Development, and Familias Unidas por la Justicia will co-host a forum event to examine some of the immediate impacts of climate change, industrialized agriculture, and fossil fuels.

To contact CAMP with questions or comments please email: Redjon76@yahoo.com

Printable flier for the Roundtable is here. Feel free to post.

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