Recidivism in Whatcom County Jail Bookings Records : 1/1/2011 – 7/1/2015 / Bellingham Politics and Economics, Ryan Matthew Ferris

August 21, 2015  Ryan Matthew Ferris

29,637 Bookings for Whatcom County Jail covering the 4.5 year period from 1/1/2011 to 7/1/2015.

The vertical axis represents 17,256 unique names. 5,314 of those unique names had multiple bookings for the period with a range of 2  –  22 bookings per individual. Each unique name receives a random color for their bookings. See an animation of this chart here. See R code here. See notes on data/methodology at end. Click on the Charts to enlarge.

This post discusses recidivism in Whatcom County jail. Recidivism is a primary concern for law and justice and  citizens. The bottom line on ‘recidivism’ is this: so many re-offend at such high rates that some criminology professors fundamentally doubt whether imprisonment has any significant effect on prohibiting crime. […]

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