Ballots Coming!! Time to Vote By MAIL!! Why you should vote no matter what…/ Bellingham Politics and Economics, Ryan Matthew Ferris

Saturday, October 10, 2015  Ryan Matthew Ferris

The 2015 Whatcom County Sample Ballot. Your ballot will be mailed starting October 14.

Okay. Game On. On October 14 Whatcom County Elections will start both mailing and processing ballots.  If, and only if, you are a new Washington Voter you may register in person at the Elections Office by October 26th. But if you have any problems with your previous registration at, you should consider calling the Elections Office. The official deadline to change your address online was October 5th. But call them anyway if you have some problems. They are very friendly people.

For the rest of the 128K plus registered and active Whatcom County Voters, the 2015 General Election is now in play. An online ballot can found here,  A sample ballot (displayed horizontally above) can be found here. Ballot drop box locations can be found here. […]

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