Trick or Treaty / Cascadia Weekly, The Gristle, Tim Johnson

cascadia coverWednesday, October 28, 2015  Tim Johnson

TRICK OR TREATY: The coal industry zombies and their hobgoblins were haunting Cherry Point again last week—Montana delegates and corporate shills arriving in hungry packs to scan our coast with red-rimmed eyes, drooling it might someday be theirs.

They brought with them an infection, dark money in greasy wads of campaign contributions dumped into vampiric political action committees and onto Frankensteinian political operatives by the carpetbag.

Pacific International Terminals (the PIT, and its pendulum that slices but one way) in 2014 dumped about $17,000 into the election of the obscure Charter Review Commission, an amount sufficient (thanks to the partitions of district-only voting) to elect a hunchbacked horde who immediately set to work to queer all future elections on behalf of the coal industry. […]

Read Tim’s complete post on Cascadia Weekly here.

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