Carbon, Snow and Ice: How I voted and why… / Bellingham Politics and Economics, Ryan Matthew Ferris

bellingham politics time to voteWednesday, October 28, 2015  Ryan Matthew Ferris

Three PDF based snapshots from the Whatcom County Sample Ballot are at the end fo this post.   Here’s a rundown on how I voted:

    • NO on 1366
    • Maintained all the Legislative Taxes (Advisory 10 – 13)
    • NO on Jail Tax
    • NO on 1,2,3
    • YES on 4,5,6
    • NO on 7
    • YES on 8,9,10
    • Vote for Joy Gilfilen for County Executive
    • Vote for Paul Murphy (Write-In) for Sheriff
    • Vote Todd Donovan County Council 1B
    • Vote Satpal Sidhu County Council 2B
    • Voted Yes on everyone else, none of whom seemed to have an opponent
This year’s ballot is a book. There are no hot button national candidate races. Just a lot of very important votes that will determine the future of this county. […]

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