It’s Not About The Mascot / Fish & Bicycles, Howard Muhlberg

vikingNovember 25, 2015  Howard Muhlberg

When I began writing this post Monday, it was a VERY different post.

I’d read the news that some students and a professor at Western Washington University (WWU, Western), my place of employment for the past 15 years, were calling for a change of the university’s mascot, the Vikings, claiming it conflicts with Western’s commitment to diversity.

And so, I was going to write a casual exploration of the topic, reflecting on the fact that the mascot at the junior high school I attended was also the Vikings, half joking about how the current graphic of the Viking, included here, whether or not you believe it a barrier to creating an inclusive community for people of color on campus, is so freaking scary he looks like he very badly wants to pillage my village […]

Read Howard’s complete post on Fish & Bicycles here.

One thought on “It’s Not About The Mascot / Fish & Bicycles, Howard Muhlberg

  1. Ever read about the Minnesota Vikings, in Justice Scalia’s Viking Hall?

    R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul. When your too stupid read; breed, and that way we can find out what’s the difference between a raid, with a police department, prosecutor, and the Minnesota Supreme Court that also flunked their Viking Studies Class.

    “St. Paul has no such authority to license one side of the debate to fight freestyle while requiring the other to follow the Marquees of Queensbury rules…Let there be no mistake about our belief that burning a cross in someone’s front yard is reprehensible. But St. Paul has sufficient means at its disposal to prevent such behavior without adding the First Amendment to the fire.”

    Once upon a time in England, June 8′ 793 a.d there was raid on an educational establishment on an English island, where burning the cross, was an inventions for Norse, before Richard the Lionheart was even born.

    The Mid Evel warming period 800 to 1400 ad. When you need to start up some global warming, just dial up another Viking!

    When your too stupid to read: breed, and make sure you cleanse the gene pool at WWU too.


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