Climate Marchers: Listen with Your Heart / Cheryl Crooks Photography, Cheryl Crooks

 cheryl crooks climate marchNovember 29, 2015

I had planned to write something else for my blog post today, but decided after participating in today’s Climate March that I needed to write about this instead.

I, and about 500 other Bellinghamsters, gathered in chilly 30 degree weather this morning in Maritime Heritage Park to show our support, along with marchers in 2,000 other cities throughout the country, for the United Nations’ Conference on Climate Change which begins tomorrow, November 30.

After a moment of silence for all the victims of recent terrorist actions in Paris and elsewhere, the group was rallied with signs bearing environmental slogans and set out on a short march through downtown Bellingham. The mood was not exactly festive but determined as people made their way en masse to a downtown building that currently serves as the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary space. […]

Read Cheryl’s complete post on Cheryl Crooks Photography here.

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