Factions of Mischief / Cascadia Weekly, The Gristle, Tim Johnson

December 2, 2015  Tim Johnson

FACTIONS OF MISCHIEF: All eyes turn this week to Paris, where the largest gathering of world leaders in history begin a multinational effort toward forging what many call the planet’s last, best hope to stave off the worst consequences of climate change. Yet a significant foundation may have been laid last week in King County Superior Court, where a judge agreed the state has a duty to protect natural resources for future generations.

Judge Hollis Hill denied an appeal by eight young activists—the Climate 8—who petitioned Washington state to adopt stricter science-based regulations to reduce carbon emissions and protect them against climate change; but the court affirmed the work of Ecology to draft new rules to meet that obligation by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

“She agreed with our legal arguments that they (the children) have a constitutional right to a healthful environment,” said Andrea Rodgers, an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center. […]

Read Tim’s complete post on Cascadia Weekly here.

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