Clear Ballot Choices will NOT be turning in the petitions for its 2016 referendum / Facebook post, Sj Robson

cbc ref app

3 hrs  December 7, 2015  Sandy Robson

The 2016 referendum petition had been filed by Clear Ballot Choices’ with the Whatcom County Auditor on August 6, 2015. The application had been approved by the Auditor’s office on August 17. The listed representatives for Clear Ballot Choices are Kris Halterman and Ron Reimer. Reimer is also listed as Committee Officer for the Clear Ballot Choices (Pacific International Terminals LLC) PAC.

Pacific International Terminals contributed (cash and in-kind) $58,545 to Clear Ballot Choices (Pacific International Terminals) PAC during the Nov. 2015 election.

Whatcom County Auditor Debbie Adelstein told me today that “Clear Ballot Choices” will not be turning in the petitions.

cbc ref petition appThe 2016 referendum petition had been seeking to repeal enacted Ordinance 2015-029. Ordinance 2015-029 had been approved by the Whatcom County Council on July 7, 2015, that directed the County Council to place what is known as the “Five Fair and Equal Districts” Charter amendment as Proposition 9, onto the November 3, 2015 general election ballot.

Now, the question is, what mischief is underway rather than this 2016 referendum?

Read Sandy’s post on her Facebook page here.

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