Letter draws Red Square protest / The Western Front, Kjell Redall

February 9, 2016 

With a large cutout of President Bruce Shepard’s face in hand, three protesters gathered in Red Square on Monday, Feb. 8, to voice objections to an email sent by Shepard regarding the need for a larger Ethnic Student Center space.

At the small protest, Felicia Jarvis, a sophomore in the Fairhaven program, passed out handouts outlining what she saw as demeaning and unfair language within Shepard’s email.

“The email that Bruce Shepard sent out to every single student on Western’s campus was passive-aggressive, petty and reflected his internalized racial superiority,” Jarvis said.[…]

Read Kjell’s complete article on The Western Front here.

Here is a link to Bruce Email Translated:  https://www.docdroid.net/qa0T3Cv/bruceemailtranslated.pdf.html

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