Stop the Rental Fires Now! / NorthwestCitizen, Dick Conoboy

Ellis St. Duplex – Note Red Condemnation Sign and Protective Fencing

Mon, Feb 08, 2016, 5:26 am  Dick Conoboy

City inspections of Bellingham rentals are due to begin in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Over 18,000 rental units have so far been registered for the first round of an inspection regime to take place over the next three years.  And none too soon!  Since 2011 we have chalked up seven rental fires that have displaced about two dozen young student renters.  These fires must be stopped before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Most recently, on 14 December 2015, a fire broke out in an 85 year old duplex rental home on Ellis St. […]

Read Dick Conoboy’s complete article on NorthwestCitizen here.

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