Ferndale told not to stand in way of Rojszas making needed improvements / Facebook post, Walter Haugen

discover ferndale clocktower9 mins  February 17, 2016  Walter Haugen

I was in the courtroom in support of the Rojszas on Feb. 12th. The article writer here [on Discover Ferndale at this link: https://www.discoverferndale.com/clock-tower-builder-survives-another-round-in-court/ ] makes it seem that the City won a victory against those “damn foreigners.” The opposite is true. The City of Ferndale was told not to stand in the way of the Rojszas making the needed improvements. This has been the problem all the way along, with the City imposing heavy fines carte blanche, not allowing the Rojszas to make the improvements mandated by the City (figure that one out!), and imposing an unrealistic 30-day timeline. Truly it has been the revenge of the petty bureaucrats and the crooked politicians. Judge Montoya-Lewis put a stop to it.

If you were in court that day, you might have noticed the huge number of City staffers in attendance when they were not even needed. More welfare for the petty bureaucrats.

Read Walter’s post on his Facebook page here.

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