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March 12, 2016  Posted 3 weeks ago on Perilous Press History Project

In this photo of Bellingham as seen from the bay and dated approximately 1876, you can see the Pickett House at the center, just below the trees.

The house was built in 1856 and was the home of George Pickett until 1859.

In 1971, the Daughters of the Pioneers nominated the house to be named to the National Register of Historic Places. […]

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2 thoughts on “Pickett House / Perilous Press History Project

  1. Pickett, Last in his West Point Class, Last at Gettysburg.

    Pickett’s official report for the battle has never been found. It is rumored that Gen. Lee rejected it for its bitter negativity and demanded that it be rewritten, and an updated version was never filed.


  2. “A legend told by Pickett’s widow stated that when the Union Army marched into Richmond, she received a surprise visitor. He acted graciously and inquired whether he had found the Pickett house. Abraham Lincoln himself had come to determine the fate of an old acquaintance before the wars, and Sallie, astonished, admitted she was his wife and held out her infant for the president to cradle.[38] Lincoln historian Gerald J. Prokopowicz has called this story a “fantasy””


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