Motivation for people to attend April 13 (at 6:00pm) Public Hearing, Whatcom Districting Committee map / Facebook post, SJ Robson

Whatcom dems districting hearing

Whatcom Democrats email flier

7 hrs  April 10, 2016  Sandy Robson  ACTION

Here’s some motivation for people to attend the April 13 (at 6:00pm) Public Hearing for the Whatcom Districting Committee map, and weigh-in to the committee on the new proposed 5-District map. [Here is a link to the agenda for the hearing and copies of the maps being considered: . The hearing is being held at Whatcom County Council Chambers, 311 Grand Ave., Bellingham]

Whatcom County Democrats say: “Republicans are trying to do an end-around and misuse the Districting Committee for partisan gerrymandering. Come to the public hearing and let the Committee know that you as a voter want the specific language of Prop 9 to be strictly followed.” Whatcom County Democrats’ email flyer is shown in screenshot photo.

The guiding language from the Prop 9 Amendment is found on p. 105 of the Whatcom Voter’s Pamphlet that was sent to every registered voter in the County.
Come to the April 13 Public Hearing and keep your Prop 9 “Yes” vote in last November’s election from being nullified. Tell the Committee to precisely follow the Amendment 9 (Prop 9) language that Whatcom voters approved.

The October 27, 2015 email ad blast that SSA Marine (GPT) sent out to its mailing list during the 2015 Whatcom County election, is a reminder to people that SSA Marine (GPT) was/is behind Prop 1 District Only Voting, and SSA Marine (GPT) was/is behind the opposition to Prop 9 Five Fair and Equal Districts.

GPT News alert props

In its email ad blast, SSA Marine used the Whatcom Small City Mayors to be the mouthpiece for the company’s position on Prop 1 and Prop 9. Each of these Small City Mayors supports and promotes the Gateway Pacific coal terminal as shown in the attached photos. SSA Marine’s Oct. 27, 2015 email ad blast is shown in attached 2nd screenshot photo and can be viewed in entirety with this link:

After SSA Marine/Pacific International Terminals financially backed the 2014 election campaigns for the Conservative Charter Review Commissioners, those commissioners then proposed and passed Prop 1 District Only Voting.

Then, SSA Marine/PIT spent big money in the 2015 Whatcom County Election to get Prop 1 District Only Voting approved by voters, and spent big money opposing Prop 9 Five Fair and Equal Districts. Luckily, Whatcom voters recognized the need to move from 3 districts to 5 Fair and Equal Districts, so voters approved Prop 9.

-Pacific International Terminals contributed (cash and in-kind):
$58,545 to Clear Ballot Choices (Pacific International Terminals), a Single Year PAC for the 2015 Whatcom County election. Clear Ballot Choices (Pacific International Terminals) supported Prop 1, and opposed Prop 9.

-Pacific International Terminals contributed (cash and in-kind):
$42,545 to Whatcom County Republican PAC for the 2015 election. Whatcom County Republican PAC supported Prop 1, and opposed Prop 9.

-Whatcom County Republican Party PAC contributed:
$3,300 to DOVE Whatcom PAC for the 2015 election. DOVE Whatcom PAC supported Prop 1, and opposed Prop 9.

small city mayors gpt supporters

Read Sandy’s post on her Facebook page here.

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