Additional Ferndale Schools donkey basketball records info: Junk Mail / Noisy Waters Northwest

April 24, 2016  Dena Jensen

Here’s a little additional information gained from Ferndale School District records regarding the controversial February 13 Donkey Basketball event that was held at Ferndale High School this year.  This info did not make it into Sandy Robson’s recent report that is also posted here on Noisy Waters NW, “Was more diligence due for students and donkeys? Following up on the February 13, 2016 Ferndale Donkey Basketball Event.”  

Sandy received two summaries of blocked “Junk” mail for Ferndale High School Principal Gardner that came up in the donkey basketball records search. In those summaries were approximately 170 donkey basketball emails (they all appeared to be from unique addresses) . I did a search through all of the addresses (using the list of addresses that showed up in school district inboxes) and only about 10% of those emails ever showed up in an actual inbox for either Principal Gardner or other school district officials, so that’s roughly 150 emails that I would assume never got read.

Also, it looks like Principal Gardner chose to delete a lot – and yet not all – of his donkey basketball emails. He had about 100 donkey basketball emails that appear in an inbox folder and 127 that appear to have come from “deleted” emails. I can’t determine a pattern yet in what he may have chosen to keep and delete, but the one email of mine that was in the “deleted” folder was one in which I informed him (and school board and city officials who I copied on the email) about a transportation-related inspection report from March, 2013 on Donkey Sports, Inc.. I wrote: “The inspection state is listed as Idaho, and on the report its shows what appears to be 5 violations, three of which the company appears to have been cited for.” One of the violation types was “Alcohol.” My closing paragraph was, “Since there is some evidence of Donkey Sports, Inc. having been in violation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, and if the Ferndale School District and the event sponsors are still moving forward with allowing this event, I ask that you request records from Donkey Sports, Inc, on their BASIC status. This is one other area where the donkeys are potentially being put in peril and it must be ascertained if Donkey Sports, Inc. adheres to all safety protocol and has not been negligent in any areas when transporting these animals. ” There is nothing in the Ferndale School District records Sandy received reflecting any inquiry was ever made regarding this transportation-related inspection report.

donkey sports transportation inspection

Here’s the link again to Sandy’s report:…/was-more-diligence-due-for-stu…/

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