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committee of the whole agenda


Yesterday at 6:52pm  June 16, 2016  Wendy Harris ACTION

I could not help the bad pun so please forgive me. But everyone should know that the county council is holding a special committee meeting of the whole next Tuesday, the 21st [of June 2016], only one week after their last meeting, for the purpose of going over more of the comp. plan chapters and apppendix.

It starts at 1:30 PM in the council chambers and the first half hour is reserved for public comment. They will be discussing a multitude of topics.

NOW is the time to weigh in and make your opinions known. We are getting closer to the end of the process and official public comment ends on June 24, I have not had a chance yet to review the materials to see if there are new changes.

But please understand the importance of this process. The comprehensive plan sets out important goals for specific topics, most of which are mandated under the GMA. Goals are then further broken down into different polices that support that goal. It is a blue print for the future of our county over the next twenty years. Any regulations, zoning, subdivisions and other important matters that are more routinely handled must be in compliance with the goals and policies we are developing now.

OK, wanna REALLY know how it matters? All the attorneys and consultants for the big special interest groups like the development community, or the agricultural community, are in attendance speaking on behalf of their client’s interests.

That is why we need to ensure that the voices of the public are being heard. We have had some good input from RE Sources and Futurewise, but nobody speaks better for the public than YOU. And I have been watching the process and can tell you that this council has been responsive to public input, which it has made a high priority by creating many opportunities for people to testify.

Read Wendy’s post in the Whatcom Hawk Facebook group here.

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