Tacoma Immigrants Demand Moratorium on Deportations as Supreme Court Fails to End Partisan Attack on DAPA / Press Release, #Not1More/NW Resistance

nwdc resistance

June 23, 2016  Press Release, #Not1More/NW Resistance

Tacoma Immigrants Demand Moratorium on Deportations as Supreme Court Fails to End Partisan Attack on DAPA

What: Press Conference to React to Supreme Court Immigration Decision
Where: NWDC 1623 E J St, Tacoma WA
When: Thursday June 23 at 12PM PT
Who: NW Resistance, Community to Community, Surge Reproductive Justice and members of the immigrant community

In response to the Supreme Court decision in Texas vs US, the case of 26 Republican governors suing to block the deferred action programs announced in November, 2014, immigrant communities in Tacoma and across the country are calling on President Obama and DHS to take further action and for his potential successors to take up their call.

“The US justice system keeps playing with our lives, the split decision shows those judges that didn’t side with us sided instead with their political ideology. This systems keeps playing with our lives, we will keep fighting and organizing until we end with all detentions and deportations”, said Maru Mora Villalpando

As part of the #Not1More campaign, NW Resistance has launched a petition to the President available at https://action.mijente.net/petitions/no-dapa-no-deportations.

ICE and Border Patrol continues terrorizing our communities and collaborating with local police and racially profiling, as well as the spectre of a possible Trump Presidency, groups say it would be reckless for President Obama to pass the current immigration system onto the next President whoever that will be without taking major steps to halt deportations and address abuse.

Marisa Franco, #Not1More campaign director, reacted, “The way to keep communities from living in fear is to put a freeze on deportations. It doesn’t take a new program for the President to direct his agents to investigate civil rights violations as vigorously as it currently hunts our loved ones. With the courts also taken over by the party politics that have ruled the immigration issue for more than a decade, President Obama has a responsibility to pursue alternatives to make his policies more humane.”

“It is never enough to divide our community into those who deserve relief and those who don’t,” explains Tania Unzueta, Legal and Policy Director for #Not1More. “Under President Obama we have witnessed the creation of a parallel mass incarceration system strictly for immigrants. The relief offered by expanding deferred action is desperately needed and entirely constitutional. But even with DAPA, only a fraction of us would be protected. With it now blocked, many more of us still face the threat of the deportation machine that it is incumbent on President Obama to begin to dismantle.”
NW Resistance is a grassroots undocumented led movement that works to end the detention of immigrants and stop all deportations. Under the umbrella of the national ‪#‎Not‬ 1More campaign, NW Resistance supports and follows the leadership of those detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington demanding better treatment and conditions and the stop to all deportations. http://www.nwdcresistance.org/

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jolinda Stephens 614-915-4079
B. Loewe, ‪#‎Not1More‬, 773.791.4668, bloewe@mijente.net

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