Court support for Whatcom Three arrested blocking road to Trump rally / Facebook post, Maru Mora


maru mora video whatcom 3

Click the graphic to access the video posted by Maru Mora on her Facebook page.

July 5, 2016  Maru Mora

Some further details from Noisy Waters Northwest:

The video that is linked to by the graphic above, and is posted on Maru Mora’s Facebook page, contains individual statements by members of the Whatcom Three and their lawyer Larry Hildes regarding the results of this morning’s court appearance at the Whatcom County Courthouse.Here is a link to the “Trump rally anti-fascist blockaders’ legal fund:”

legal fund whatcom 3

Additional information about the Whatcom Three:

Today community members filled the courtroom at the Whatcom County Courthouse in support of the Whatcom Three.  Neah Monteiro, Josefina Mora, and Thomas Kaplan,  were arrested on Saturday May 7, 2016.

The Facebook event page for the hearing that occurred Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 9 a.m. carried the following information:

Pack the courtroom on July 5! Come out and show support for our statement against the rise of fascism. On May 7, along with dozens of people from western Washington, we blocked the roads to the Trump rally in Lynden. Now three of us are facing criminal misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct.”

Here is an excerpt from the May 7, 2016 Bellingham Herald article “3 arrested for blocking Lynden route in protest of Trump rally,” by Caleb Hutton:

“The protest at a bridge over the Nooksack River was live-streamed on

“On the video one of the protesters, Neah Lin Monteiro, 31, said since Trump has started campaigning, she has seen more outright acts of bigotry in the local community.”

Below is a statement by Josefina Mora from a post “Washington Residents Use Trump Rally to Remember Native American Land” on Mijente, a blog site from the makers of the #Not1More Campaign, who had provided a live video feed of the blockade:

“As someone who has grown up in Washington, today I am putting my body on the line to stop fascism from taking over our country. Today I am fighting for my mom, for my Native American neighbors and friends, and anyone who has been the target of hatred whether it comes from Trump or the local police. The residents of Lynden today have a chance to stand with us and reject hate.”

And Thomas Kaplan made the following statement to Laura Gottesdiener from Democracy Now, who also provided media coverage on the day of the blockade event:

It’s a community where white supremacy has been rampant since—since it’s been colonized. And we’re particularly drawing attention to Lynden, because here has been the center of Ku Klux Klan rallies and organizing for at least a hundred years, and right now it’s a hotbed for racism against farmworkers. We’re not going allow Donald Trump to come to our community and spread hate and try to encourage the detention or the terrorism towards people of color and undocumented persons.”



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