What I Discovered at the Philadelphia Democratic Convention / Facebook post, Whatcom Watch Original, Rebecca Meloy


July 31, 2016  Rebecca Meloy

What I Discovered at the Philadelphia Democrat Convention :

*. Suppression of Delegate Votes:
1) On Sunday 7/24 over 200 Bernie delegates were locked out of the Rules Committee Hearing held at the Philadelphia Convention Center (PCC). The convention used a room that would seat 70, not 300-400 people.

2) On 7/26 the Dems switched the roll call that was scheduled for the live convention that evening. With only a couple hour notice, delegates were required to sign a roll call list at breakfast. Many missed it and Bernie won the first roll call. The Superdelegates also signed in and Governor Inslee and Rick Larsen voted for Hillary.

1). Delegate’s No TPP signs and other signs were confiscated.
2). Hired actors were used to fill seats and cause Bernie delegates to shuffle
seating, be locked out, or had to sit in the furthest seats, away from camera view.
3). White noise clapping machines were installed to drown out chanting. Shutting off lights were used to block signs.
4). When Bernie delegates chanted ‘No More War’, Hillary and hired people chanted ‘USA’.
5). Hillary and hired actors would block all Bernie signage from the cameras.
6). Hillary people were always allowed into the hall to get first seating, so they were on the floor for cameras to record. Bernie delegates were locked out as the Hillary delegates had first entry.
7). Delegates were locked out. Delegates were locked in.
8). Roads were blocked off 1 mile from the Wells Fargo Convention Center (WFCC). Garbage and gravel trucks were used to block main roads.
9) 1/4 mile from the WFCC two high cyclone fences were erected with a policeman post every 20 feet — inside the fencing.
10). Cops on foot, bicycles, motor bikes, cars, unmarked cars, and in helicopters. Many wearing vests combat gear.
11). Cops pushing and walking Jill Stein out of the PCC, where the public were present.
12) When the delegates walked out, after Bernie endorsed supporting Hillary and asking for unity, delegates walked out. State Troopers, snipers, and cops in combat gear surround the delegation outside. The Bernie delegation calmly made a circle with the black and minorities in the center, and created a wall of white people to protect them.
13) Unity was not the order of the week, and dissension was censured.

1) Of dozens of t-shirts for sale at the PCC gift shop, there was only one grey one with a line drawing making Bernie look like a rat.
2) Of dozens of pins, one had Bernie, and one had Bernie and Hillary.
3) On 7/24 Reuters, on the street, was handing out a special DNC magazine. All articles referred to Hillary as the winner. All before there was any delegate voting.

*Philadelphia Community:
1) The local homeless, per a local city bus rider, were being removed from the streets.
2) A majority of local residents, as per a museum docent, are Bernie supporters, but they did not display that fact– as prior to the convention, in four days of site seeing I only found two Bernie signs.
3) Philadelphians are so very friendly.

Read Rebecca’s post on the Whatcom Watch Original Facebook page here.

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