Tools for supporting Water Protectors at Standing Rock, #NODAPL / Noisy Waters Northwest


November 28, 2016  Dena Jensen

Below you will find links to three PDF files that wonderful people have compiled that provide web links, snail mail addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers that you can access to offer your support, in numerous ways, of those protecting water and tribal treaty rights in Standing Rock North Dakota as they face eviction from treaty lands by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Talking points are provided as well.

First here is a link to a November 27, 2016 statement from the Sacred Stone Camp and the first paragraph of that statement:

“On Friday, November 25, after the turkey was pardoned, the Obama Administration issued an eviction notice to the Oceti Sakowin encampments at Standing Rock.  We are a coalition of grassroots groups living and working at the encampments, and we will not be moved.  We stand united in defiance of the black snake and are committed to defense of water, our Mother Earth, and our rights as Indigenous people.  We call on all people of conscience, from all Nations, to join the encampments and stand with us as we put our bodies on the line.”

Click the graphic page below to access the full PDF document that offers talking points and contact information (names, addresses, phone numbers) for primary and secondary level officials:contacts-supporting-standing-rock

Click the graphic page below to access the full PDF document that offers a list of banks you can call on to withdraw support of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Also there is contact information for decision-makers who you can call on to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Click the graphic page below to access the full PDF document providing a list of links for petitions you can sign, contribution pages you can donate to, and addresses to send supplies:


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