Erin Anderson’s WBA comment on Cherry Point Amendments Policy 2CC-3 (2CC-2 in Council Proposal) regarding Lummi Nation / Facebook post, Coal Stop, Dena Jensen


Page excerpt from “Protecting Treaty Rights, Sacred Places, and Lifeways: Coal vs. Communites,” presented by Jewell James, Lummi Tribal Member and Head Carver, Lummi Tribe’s House of Tears Carvers

January 14, 2017  Dena Jensen

At the most recent Planning Commission meeting on the Cherry Point Amendments this last Thursday, a lady spoke near the tail end of the comment section on the amendments who identified herself as Erin Anderson and said she was speaking on behalf of the Whatcom Business Alliance. Sandy [Robson] thought she remembered this lady was a lawyer and checked to confirm that Ms. Anderson had been the attorney mentioned in Sandy’s article “Searching for traces of coal: Major Energy Industry law firm sends two letters to Whatcom County,” at this link:…/searching-for-traces-of-coal-major-…/

Below, in the yellow graphic, is a portion of the comment that Ms. Anderson made that evening regarding the mention of Lummi Nation in Policy 2CC-3 (also shown in the graphics below) of the Planning Commission Draft Cherry Point Amendments. Her comment starts at 36:38 on the audio for the PC meeting. (You can contact Ashley Ubil at (360)778-5935 or to obtain the audio for that meeting.)


It is Ms. Anderson’s position that we should not be mentioning Lummi Nation in this policy regarding Cherry Point, known to Lummi Nation as Xwe’chi’eXen. To be clear, the Planning Commission unfortunately does *not* mention Lummi Nation in their version of Policy 2CC-3.


Policy 2CC-3 in the November 10, 2016 Planning Commission Draft of the Cherry Point Amendments

They chose to revise the County Council’s version which carries the meat of the Planning Commission’s 2CC-3 in the Council Proposal’s Policy 2CC-2  and *does* mention Lummi Nation in a way that conveys the intent of our county is to ensure that future expansions within the Cherry Point UGA are consistent with a number of actions including one that “any proposed new development is consistent with an archeological study designed in cooperation with the Lummi Nation and reviewed by the Lummi Nation as part of the record for any permitting review.”


Policy 2CC-2 from the Council Proposal for the Cherry Point Amendments

Since I hadn’t spoken that evening I did get up and voice my opinion about Ms. Anderson’s comments. I am not great at speaking without something written up but at least managed to let the commissioners know that in the Cherry Point UGA section of our county’s Comprehensive Plan, I feel it is entirely appropriate to mention Lummi Nation, whose sacred lands lie within that area, and that this confers no “super-rights” to them!

Read my post on the Coal Stop Facebook page here.

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