New book: Coming Alive: Action & Civil Disobedience, by Taylor Brorby / Facebook post, Coal Stop, Dena Jensen


27 mins  January 18, 2017  Dena Jensen

Our dear community friend Paul Anderson has made another wonderful contribution by offering his outstanding photography skills to this important book!  Please order a copy and spread the news. Click through [the graphic above] to a great write up on the Huffington post. Meanwhile, here is a link to the page where you can order a copy:, and also here’s part of the synopsis from the publisher’s page:

In Coming Alive Taylor Brorby overcomes his trepidations and embraces the most powerful action of all—standing by his words. He commits to what he values most—family, home, the arts, the earth—and becomes a role-model for how we can all learn to take a stand.

With an introduction by Bill McKibben, an afterword by Kathleen Dean Moore, and photography by Paul Anderson, Coming Alive is an intimate account of place and community: flares in North Dakota, pipeline protests, and the value of local action. Coming Alive explores the wisdom in the phrase: A thousand mile journey starts with the first step. Taylor Brorby reveals a way to hope during uncertain times.

You can read this post on the Coal Stop Facebook page here. 

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