On the Take / Salish Sea Maritime, Jay Taber

[NWNW Admin’s Note: This post by Jay Taber on Salish Sea Maritime points us to some historical material with which to gain perspective on the current smear campaigns against Whatcom and Skagit County farm worker and immigrant advocacy groups like Community to Community Development and the farm worker union Familias Unidas por la Justicia, along with campaigns against grassroots social and environmental justice group, Redline Salish Sea, and the non-profit environmental advocacy group RE Sources for Sustainable Communities. 

The campaigns in recent years and months maligning these groups and some of the individuals in them are being run by PR propagandist Gerald Baron and his created front groups: Whatcom Family Farmers, Save Family Farming, Skagit Family Farmers, and Farm Worker Justice Now.  Note that the “Farm Worker Justice Now Project”, brought to life with the help of Gerald Bar
on and conservative KGMI talk show host, Dillon Honcoop, is not affiliated with any organization that is well-reputed for their focus on advocating for farm worker justice.]


February 2, 2018  Jay Taber

Mainstream media in Whatcom County–like everywhere–makes its creds covering local events and activities; they make their money covering up corporate crime. If you want to know which corporate criminals they are covering up for, all you have to do is look at the biggest advertisers–those who take out full-page ads, and produce slick, misleading PR campaigns so-called journalists cut and paste and call news. […]

Read the rest of Jay’s post on Salish Sea Maritime here.

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