Justice for Employers Now! / Noisy Waters Northwest

February 13, 2018  Dena Jensen
Every post from the QUOTE Farmworker Justice Now UNQUOTE website turns my stomach a few turns more. The photo in this post is point two of a two point Gerald Baron/Dillon Honcoop and friends extravaganza related to the Department of Labor and Industries findings and fines on Sarbanand Farms in Sumas, where a farm worker died last summer during prime berry picking time and hot smoky weather. During this same period there were reports of other farm workers suffering from illnesses, injuries, intimidation from farm managers, and insufficient and poor quality food and drink.
Both points in the blog post talk about how hard regulations are for employers at farms to deal with. Point 1 emphasizes the strict regulations and stiff fines farm owners must pay if regulations are not followed. Also in Point 1 the post writers say, “In the case of the Sumas farm, the steep fines imposed were not because breaks or food was missed, but that they were later than the law requires. ” But here’s what the Department of Labor & Industries said in their press release: “L&I is citing the company for violations related to late or missed rest breaks and meal periods for hundreds of workers.”
Now here’s point 2. shown in the graphic. It seems this “Justice” project, supposedly for farm workers, is actually advocating for justice for farm employers and supervisors who have the hard hard job of “forcing” workers into taking breaks.
Here’s the link to the post for those who think they can stomach the whole thing: http://www.farmworkerjusticenow.org/work-breaks-and-food.html


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