News Flash feature added to Whatcom County notifications to sign up for on the County website / Noisy Waters Northwest

News Flash Feature

April 26, 2018  Dena Jensen

I got an email from the Whatcom County Council listserv letting me know of a new feature offered that people can sign up for in terms of notifications about County Government and County Services. It is called “News Flash” and it should be interesting to learn what kinds of flashes of news will be coming forth from it. 🙂

If you have not signed up or tried to sign up for notifications on the Whatcom County website, the link to sign up on the County Website is an envelope icon that says under it “Stay Informed – Sign Up for Notifications.” It appears that the County refers to the page that link takes you to as the “Notify Me” page even though the link doesn’t refer to that name.

Here’s a link to the Whatcom County Website home page where the link is found to sign up for notifications:

You can click on any of the screenshots in the collage to see a larger image and to page through each one

There’s a bunch of different kinds of News Flashes you can sign up for, plus on the Notify Me page you have the chance to sign up for all kinds of other notifications about County activities that will arrive in your email inbox or on your cell phone if you choose to sign up for texts. Once you check boxes to sign up for your choices, you will get an email (or several) where you will click a link to confirm you want to receive these notifications. Meanwhile, if you don’t like some or all of the emails you get for any reason you can go back to the Notify Me page and uncheck boxes of items to unsubscribe from them.

P.S. There are lots more choices to sign up for than what I have shown in the screenshots here.


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