Tim Ballew II announces candidacy for the Washington State Senate in the 42nd legislative district / Press Release, Elect Tim Ballew II

elect tim ballew ii

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—Mar. 28, 2018  Elect Tim Ballew II

Ferndale, Wash.– Tim Ballew II, at-large member of the Whatcom County Council and former chairman of the Lummi Nation, today announced his candidacy for the Washington State Senate in the 42nd legislative district.

“I have had the privilege to serve the people of Whatcom County throughout my career,” said Ballew. “When former Port Commissioner Mike McAuley asked me to consider the seat in the 42nd, I was humbled. To me, it is another opportunity to create policy decisions that are best for everyone who calls Whatcom home.”

Ballew has a reputation for working across constituencies to solve problems. As Lummi chairman, he worked with dairy farmers, shellfish harvesters and tribal members to work towards clean water solutions in the Portage Bay Partnership. He worked with both Democrats and Republicans in Olympia to bring our gas taxes home and invest in construction jobs that will improve the Slater road and I-5 interchange.

“It’s so refreshing to see someone like Tim who is dedicated to listening to all sides of an issue before making their decision,” said Kate Hansen, Ferndale City Councilmember. “I’m confident that the people of Ferndale have someone who will take their issues to Olympia and turn them into legislation that benefits our families and improves the lives of our most vulnerable residents.”

As a lifelong Whatcom County resident and fisher, Ballew is committed to working towards a healthier environment and cleaner waters for all, even if it means working with people with different viewpoints.

“Tim isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues by working with people who don’t always agree with him,” said Michael McAuley, former Port of Bellingham commissioner. “I had the pleasure of working with him when I was at the Port and we didn’t necessarily see eye to eye every time. But for him, finding the best solution to the problem is the most important thing so he was always open to a discussion and debate. That’s why I reached out and asked him to run for this seat: he’s one of the finest leaders we’ve had in our county. I’ll be honored to have him represent me.”

For Ballew, tackling tough issues has included pushing back on multi-million dollar corporations who threaten Whatcom’s way of life. He has led the fight to protect the Salish Sea from Canadian Company, Cooke Aquaculture’s irresponsible fish farming practices and successfully fought to prevent the development of a coal shipping terminal at Cherry Point.

“Tim is invested in our future,” said Alicia Rule, Blaine City Councilmember. “As a councilmember and mother of three, I feel good about having Tim in our corner in Olympia. It would mean we have someone fighting tirelessly to preserve and enhance the beauty and livability of our community while ensuring we’ve got a strong voice on our behalf for the infrastructure projects Blaine and the other small cities in Whatcom County need to boost our economy.”

Ballew is a lifelong resident of Whatcom County and graduate of Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He lives in rural Whatcom County with his wife and their two sons and currently serves on the Whatcom County Council. Tim believes in service and living his values. His local, state and national community service includes:

● Policy Board of the Whatcom Council of Governments, working with the small cities and local government to prioritize and fund key infrastructure projects for Whatcom County
● National Rule Making Board for the Department of Transportation
● Lummi Nation Education Board
● Co-chair of the Tribal Technical Advisory Committee to the Washington Department of Revenue where he promoted solutions for rural economic development

“As a dad, I’m always asking myself what is best for families,” said Ballew. “I want a future for all Whatcom students that is focused on a strong education system. I want everyone to have access to quality healthcare and a strong safety net of social services that helps every elder, worker and child in our community. I want to bring our gas taxes home by investing in safer roads. Good policy begins by listening and working with those who don’t always share your opinion. It’s my commitment to listen to the needs of every citizen of Whatcom and fight for their needs and interests in Olympia.”

Read the press release on the Elect Tim Ballew II website here.

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