Video Links offered for sections of Whatcom County Council meetings / Noisy Waters Northwest

video links county council meetings

Click the graphic to view the Linked Agenda for the May 8, 2018 Whatcom County Council committee and Council meetings. The Council meeting is the part of the agenda that offers Video Links

May 16, 2018  Dena Jensen

I just noticed this morning on the Whatcom County Council Linked Agenda for their last Council meeting (May 8), a new type of link was added that will make checking on a specific part of the meeting in which you are interested, or that you need to go back and find later, a whole lot less daunting. Plus, if you want to share that part of the meeting for any reason you can just copy that link and drop it in your post or share it from the YouTube page.

In the past links (shown in orange) were present on the Linked Agenda to view copies of meeting materials like proposed ordinances, resolutions or agenda bills. Now “Video Links” are provided to places in the video that start at specific sections of the meeting, like council appointments, introduction items, open session, and public hearings. Plus, in the Public Hearings section there are links provided for “Public Testimony” and “Council Discussion” for hearings that include both.
Here’s the link to the May 8, Linked Agenda:

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