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Whatcom County Auditor election 081018

Click the image to access the latest Whatcom County August 7, 2018 primary election results

August 11, 2018  Corky Nouveau

The primaries were more intense than any I can remember, but my involvement doesn’t go back very far, just to 2014, when I volunteered for that quixotic carpetbagger Seth Fleetwood. No doubt the Repubs have measured Pinky’s proximity to the 42nd line down to the inch. Kudos for Tim Ballew II’s rapid endorsement of his running partner.  I am glad that Tim is still in his Council seat to overide any vetoes from the moribund County Exec. The combined Dem numbers are looking promising for November. Maybe Doug should make reservations at the Trump Tower in Phnom Penh after he gets the electoral shellacking he richly deserves. I hope all his local donors are taking pleasure in supporting Doug’s high flying lifestyle.

Congrats to the great trio of 1st time candidates Carol Frazey, Justin Boneau, and Sharon Shewmake. Carol’s energy and committment will ensure that the all-important 2nd Council at large seat stays blue, and she will be the first progressive woman to sit with this group of council members. I’m sure one year of Carol will result in us wanting four more. Justin and Sharon are rays of hope for the 42nd. The bump stock House Republicans who are currently there need to answer for their votes to ensure that America’s mass murderers are the best armed killers in the world. ( thanks to Lawrence O’Donnell for that great tag.) To hell with the NRA – these 2 NRA puppets are  stained with the blood of the slaughter in Las Vegas. One of the victims lives in Ferndale; our county’s blood was spilled thanks to bump stocks. Vincent “Bump Stock” Buys, Luanne “Bump Stock” Van Werven.  Call them out, make this an issue, and make it stick.

Taking a break from the politics, let’s recognize and celebrate the success of 1631’s placement on the ballot. Whatcom County stepped up to the plate, and we have a roster of great hitters. And a great manager in Andrew Eckels. He is an eloquent and dynamic representative of his generation who are trying to save the planet. We boomers were just trying to end the war and give peace a chance.

Hats off to all the Dignity Marchers. You all get the Walking The Talk award. Of course you realize that you are now on Sherrif’s Elfo’s watch list, if you weren’t already. Were there drones hovering above? Were there Border Patrol personnel in the trees along the route? Demonstrations for justice always attract the attention of authority. It must rile guilty consciences in some officials, and provoke rascist, fascist hatred in others.

In the half-glass allegory category, Corky sees the glass half-empty and re-fills it. Over the rim of my stemware I see some strange things, things that Charles Dudley Warner would recognize. In the ever-widening circles of activists I meet, I am continually impressed by their accomplishments, education, experiences, dedication and histories. I feel fortunate to be involved with such citizenry, and in a sustaining spirit of solidarity. I’m sad that some of that unity has cracked.

One thing I can take some bitter satisfaction in is the fact I didn’t support any candidate that Kris Haltermann did. I hope that those that did think about what that really means. I’ve been around long enough to understand that the Queen of the Tea Party represents settler entitlement and divisiveness. Her imprimatur on any candidate should be the kiss of death for any progressive. Unfortunately there’s a lot of her lipstick stains on Dem collars. Not mine. I didn’t cast a ballot for an endorsement loser whose name now shares signage space with 42nd Trump-pets. Those besmooched Dems do have a chance at redemption in November, and can help get us out of the old status quagmire that the county has been mucking around in for decades.  No doubt some sectors fear an expansion of civil action from the Prosecutor’s office in such arenas as water usage, critical areas, shoreline management, and other sticky issues.

The 40th LD line-up of Dems was cause for much thinking and drinking. Let’s root for having two of them to choose from.

Our two U.S. House Reps are in their comfort zones. I’m praying to Dionysus that they have some freshman to take with them, and that they go with righteous vengeance in their hearts. I’m celebrating the fact that Stonewall Jackson Bird’s name was on the ballot.

Corky Nouveau is the pen name of a talented and opinionated local Whatcom County resident who has kindly consented to have his entertaining and informative observations printed on Noisy Waters Northwest. 

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